December 13, 2011

Some of the visitors to the Praya Palazzo boutique hotel in Bangkok have had to be shaken once they have viewed what’s on offer. This is because they can’t quite believe their eyes. They thought they had booked a hotel when in actual fact, the Praya Palazzo boutique hotel in Bangkok  resembles a palace. To be precise, the hotel is a refurbished mansion that was originally built in 1923. It underwent a host of changes before we transformed it into the magnificent work of art you see today in 2009.

Our guests commonly express their admiration for the hotel and explain how they have seen similar buildings which belong to Hollywood’s elite. Their whole vacation seems like a dream because they are living like those whom they idolize on television. Never in a million years could they ever imagine emulating their multi-millionaire icons.

Yet once you set foot in the Praya Palazzo boutique hotel Bangkok, this is exactly what you are doing. The hotel only has 17 rooms which means you are among an exclusive group. You’ll notice an abundance of staff just waiting for your next request. Whether you want the most decadent meals or exotic cocktails, our staff will serve them to you while you relax in our private swimming pool which overlooks the Chao Phraya river. Despite the fact that you’re so close to the city of Bangkok, you will feel like this is your own private island. (more…)